7.5 European project collaboration


There is significant funding available from the European Union (as outlined in the funding module), to encourage and stimulate SME to collaborate on project of joint interest. The funding is offered with good reason, there is a significant body of research which highlights those SMEs who take part in such projects & collaborations are more innovative, more competitive and more profitable than those who don’t.  Key areas for European project Collaboration include; Research and Development, New Product and Process development, Training – particularly online learning, and Standardisation and the creation of European Standards. Examples of funding stream available at an EU level to promote such project collaboration include; The Seventh Framework Programme (which has a wide variety of sub-measure), The Life Long Learning Programme and in particular the Leonardo da Vinci sub-measure, and Initiatives from DG Enterprise such as the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

See case study: Euroffice European Project

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