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The EuC2C partnership is an inter-sectoral group of organisations committed to making European businesses more innovative and competitive in the long term.

The knowledge, skills and networks of the partnership complement each other, containing as it does a communications focussed SME, the world’s most specialised firm in helping develop cluster-based programmes, a Europe-wide network of business innovation centres, a non profit national body for SME development, an independent SME training consultancy specialising in multimedia training and a specialist marketing communication company.

The geographical structure of the partnership is also advantageous, representing as it does four different countries (Ireland, UK, Spain and Romania), including one of the recent accession countries, and with one partner based in Belgium but having an entirely European base.

Partners each have their own particular strengths and specialised skills such as knowledge of end users, skill in content development, web development and optimization, and work packages have been assigned as such, but partners’ previous experience in European projects mean that all have a sound grasp of project management, valorisation and evaluation.

Coventry University Enterprise

Coventry University Enterprises (CUE)

CUE has expertise in delivering international trade and transnational technology transfer support services to SMEs, research and technology organisations, large companies, universities and the public sector. It has proven results for SME engagement, the successful facilitation of transnational technology transfer and the delivery of innovation support services to client companies and research-led organisations. It has European project management expertise dating back to the 1980s including SME support, RTD, policies exchange, foresight, mentoring, technology and knowledge transfer in numerous European also some of them delivered on behalf of the RDA Advantage West Midlands.

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Momentum Marketing Services Ltd

Momentum Creative Marketing Services specialises in providing a total virtual marketing department and marketing executive team for organisations and projects throughout Ireland and the EU. The key areas of concentration are; professional marketing services /marketing plans for cluster groups, strategic planning, marketing direction services, growth initiatives, creative marketing campaigns, graphic design and creative design services, copywriting, advertising campaigns, branding and dissemination. We have specialist expertise in the SME sector. We have earned a solid reputation for the flawless execution of projects and an astute attention to detail.

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European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN)

EBN is an international non-profit association created to help Business and Innovation Centres (BICs) increase individual and collective efficiency and performance by pooling experience and learning. Its network consists more than 160 BICs in 21 countries and in addition, it is supported in its activities by the European Commission, and by about 70 Associate Members (financial institutions, public authorities or agencies, universities and technology centres, industrial associations and chambers of commerce.) Many of its previous projects have focussed on the needs of SMEs, encompassing European best practice on innovation, spin-off, incubation, entrepreneurship, SMEs, and regional economic development. Such projects have strengthening EBN’s expertise in terms of understanding the demands placed on business advisors and the importance of innovation to competitivity and business performance.

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Competitive Cluster

The Cluster Competitiveness Group SARL

TCCG is specialized in helping governments and institutions design and implement cluster-based innovation and competitiveness policies. It’s philosophy is to foster change, involving firms and institutions towards common goals and solutions. TCCG’s experience and work method is a reference in well-known publications, partially because the company was one of the initiators in cluster development, but also due to its good practices.

TCCG offers a comprehensive range of services, from economic analysis through seminars on clustering tools and innovation policies to the implementation of comprehensive competitiveness programmes. During the past couple of years, TCCG has provided articles for the independent foundation Fundació Clusters i Competitivitat, as well as 25 cluster case studies for the European Commission

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National Institute for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

National Institute for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

INIMM’s main objective is to support economical development from offering a package of educational and affairs services to Romanian entrepreneurs and managers. INIMM has a wide experience in the activities such as developing projects on different national and international programmes, collaboration with international institutes and organizations, organizing economical missions in Romania and foreign countries, assistance and entrepreneurs’ support in the relationships with different national or international bodies, and consultancy services. INIMM’s strategy is based on the purposes to defend and promote SMEs’ interests at national level, to create a favourable environment for RD, innovation and technological transfer activities in the SMEs sector, to create a national network which will facilitate access to information and business contacts for Romanian entrepreneurs.

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Canice Consulting

Canice Consulting

Canice Consulting is an international consultancy operating in the fields of local and regional development, enterprise and employment development and management and technical support to EU networks and programmes. Operating from Lisburn, we have in-depth knowledge of EU policies and programmes and considerable experience of working in Northern Ireland, other parts of the UK and in other Member States of the EU. Types of projects and assignments which we undertake include: training programme design, project management, SME development. The company has developed a particular specialism in online learning development and search engine optimisation techniques.

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This is a great program, i would recommend this program to one and all.

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