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Collaborating in today’s global world
In today’s global business world many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) find themselves in difficult market situation. Best way to increase the long term sustainability and improve the competitive position versus big players is to innovate.
In order to cultivate business innovation, the condition and tools for the transfer and exchange of knowledge between businesses must be created, as the scale and scope of SMEs often limits their innovation generation. Individual firms cannot be good at everything. They must specialize and learn to combine their capabilities with those of other firms and organizations. These collaborations consist of identifying possible partners (e.g. clients or suppliers), providing them with appropriate information, setting up a common environment for communication and finally starting commercial operations. Until the early 90’s, the limited resources that SMEs could allocate for such purposes significantly undermined the efficiency of the collaboration. However, recent advances in technology, including the rapid increase of the use of the Internet, suggest that efficient and cost-effective collaboration between SMEs is possible. Moreover the newest line of research seems to confirm that innovative potential does not depend solely on technical advances or capital investment, but is also generated by interactions. As a result, business collaborations are increasingly recognized as a form of informal, yet continuous, learning and can provide SME staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to boost innovation and keep their businesses competitive.
Although many companies seem to be aware of their endangered position, only few of them have clear strategies for the future. Many share the assumption that synergy and collaboration is only possible if the collaborating companies belong to the same owner. What is not seen is that the benefit of collaboration is more in the bundling knowledge and skills rather than in bundling capital.

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For that reason, this website has been made available to you. There are many benefits to collaborating but even so the barriers are often put at the centre of attention and keep many SMEs from entering into new collaborative endeavors. SMEs tend to forget that barriers are merely obstacles to be overcome and not reasons to avoid collaboration. The increasing necessity to collaborate in order to improve and foster new business should not stop the progress of SMEs but reinforce them. Therefore, by navigating through this website, we hope to help SMEs see more clearly how they can begin to collaborate, overcome the barriers and harvest the many benefits.

The Collaborate2Compete website welcomes you and wishes you good luck in your future Collaborations!

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This is a great program, i would recommend this program to one and all.

Ian Sayers