11.09 Redes globales de clústeres de innovación


Global networks of clusters of innovation: Accelerating the innovation process
Jerome S. Engel, txaso del-Palacio

This article presents a framework for understanding new patterns of innovation and commercialization that are most easily observed in Clusters of Innovation (COI) and in the global connections established among them. We define COI as environments that favour the creation and development of high potential entrepreneurial ventures. COI are characterized by heightened mobility of resources (principally people, capital, and information–—including intellectual property); increased velocity of business development; and a culture of mobility that leads to an affinity for collaboration, development of durable relationships, and the formation of Networks of Clusters of Innovation (NCOI). These networks are distinct sets of relationships. When the connections progress to the point of mutual dependence and business integration among participating enterprises, such covalent bonds form tightly interrelated business communities, or Super-Clusters of Innovation (Super-COI). In this article, we analyze the characteristics of COI and the nature of the relationships that arise between them to form NCOI and Super-COI. Further, we present an integrated model to better understand the global innovation system.