11.03 Collaboration: An innovative Education/Business partnership


Collaboration: An innovative Education/Business partnership, Kay Sackett

Healthy People 2010 initiatives encourage the collaborative partnership goals described in this article. The partnership developed between a UB School of Nursing faculty member, her students, and several case managers at Health- Now has been a richly rewarding experience. The opportunities afforded by this partnership have expanded experiences for faculty, students, and case managers in a managed care environment. This partnership has enabled participants to initiate practical, cost effective methods for improving community- based services.

These partnerships should yield significant changes in health behaviours and health outcomes among the American public. Valanis states it most succinctly: “The nurse of the 21st century must innovate, coordinate, and monitor services for populations within the health care system in which she works and interacts with crucial services outside the system. Her or his patient is not only an individual or even the family but the entire community.”